Our CFDM Photo Album

    Below are some of the images we'd like to share with our listeners.  These pictures are part of our brief but bountiful history in broadcasting.  Click on the picture for a larger version and have a look at the descriptions.  We'll be updating this gallery as more and more images become available.

"Young Gun" Tyler Young

CFDM Employee 2002 - 2004

"Young Gun" Tyler Young

Former CFDM Employee

CFDM Radio Sign

Located right outside the studio.

Flying Dust Administration Building

Home to CFDM Radio. You can see the CFDM tower in the background.

CFDM Radio Sign

Located right outside the studio, this sign was created by AJ Graphic Design operated by Flying Dust member Howard Gladue.

Flying Dust First Nation Main Sign

Located just northeast of the town of Meadow Lake.

CFDM Banner

Located in the CFDM Studio.

"Jack" Tyler

Former CFDM Employee from 2003-2005.

Derek Travis

One of the current CFDM employees and announcers.

CFDM Contribution Certificate

This certificate presented to CFDM Radio after the first annual Flying Dust Powwow in 2005.

Ben Lachance

This photo taken from a local newspaper article.

"The Dust" Derby Car

Entered into the 2004 Father's Day Smash on Flying Dust.

Ben "The Golden Voice" Lachance

CFDM Station founder and original announcer.

Gord Bear

Another CFDM employee and announer.

Dwayne "Babes" Derocher

CFDM Station manager

The Lakeview School "Radio Flyers"

This small newspaper clipping is from the Northern Pride.

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