PROFILE: Gord Bear

 Job Title:  Radio Announcer, CFDM Radio

 3 of Your Favorite Songs: Metallica - Misery; Lynrd Skynrd - Freebird; Any song by Johnny Cash

 Originally From:  Flying Dust First Nation

 Interesting Fact:  Nothing right now.

 What made you get into radio:  Interacting with the public and learning about new songs and new systems that play them.


    Gord "Gordie" Bear began working with CFDM Radio by calling their radio bingo games on Wednesdays and Sundays.  After a while he was given time on the air and has since become a regular announcer.  Gord sits in the "air chair" after the morning show and keeps the listeners entertained from 10 to noon.  With his laid-back style and great taste in country music Gord has been slowly building onto the number of already loyal CFDM listeners.  Gord Bear has always been a friendly and familiar community member and has solidified that reputation with his new position at the radio station.  It is that familiarity that allows Gord to appeal to local listeners while also being entertaining to newcomers.  His contributions to CFDM Radio are off to a good start with much more to come.

Quotes From the Lair of Gord Bear:

  • "Sports?  Any type, love 'em all!"


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