Ben "The Golden Voice" Lachance: A Tribute

Ben's Life & Family:

    The late Ben Lachance (November 7, 1941 - March 25, 2003) was a band member of the Flying Dust First Nation his entire life.  And in that time he was committed to his family, his community and just people in general.  Married May 25, 1968 Ben & his wife Helen made a home together raising their 3 children.  Ben and Helen later became the grandparents of 19 grandchildren and even a great-grandchild.  Since Ben's passing in 2003 his family has been blessed with yet another great-grandchild.  Helen Lachance still lives on Flying Dust and like her husband did, participates in many community events.
    Ben had a friendly and boisterous personality that made him a good public speaker long before he hit the airwaves.  And community events were frequently graced with his good nature and boundless sense of humour.  In addition to his community work, Ben also worked with the band administration for a number of years.  His contributions to Youth and Education are still being recognized today.  Ben was frequently the Master of Ceremonies at many events as well as a bingo caller and a member of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council Elders Advisory Council.  It was this level of familiarity that made him the perfect choice for a radio announcer when the CFDM Radio project was first put on the table.

The Golden Voice

    When CFDM went on the air in 1997, Ben was the one and only announcer as well as the station manager.  From that point on Ben built a following with his entertaining style and amusing comments on whatever events were happening at the time.  His devotion to country music kept the listeners happy and Ben was sure to include his "Gospel Song of the Day" in each broadcast.  His favorite artist was George Jones and there were few mornings where he didn't play Jones at least once.  In time he earned the nickname, "The Golden Voice" and he made sure everyone was kept up to date with community events and happenings.  People respected Ben for his contributions to radio especially his amusing way of saying what was on his mind.  Before he passed away Ben was sure to make CFDM Radio a valuable part of the community and it remains that way today.  This page is a salute to Ben's devotion to the station and just another small part of his great legacy.



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