PROFILE: Dwayne "Babes" Derocher

 Job Title:  Station Manager, CFDM Radio

 3 of Your Favorite Songs: Blink 182 - I Miss You; Goo Goo Dolls - Name; Def Leppard - Hysteria

 Originally From:  Flying Dust

 Interesting Fact:  "Babes" graduated with diploma to be a Conservation Officer.

 What made you get into radio:  Talking to people and helping their day along.


    Dwayne "Babes" Derocher is a member of the Flying Dust First Nation.  He got into radio part-time to assist in the day to day operations of CFDM Radio.  Working under Ben "The Golden Voice" Lachance, Dwayne learned how broadcasting works and how effective it is in communicating with the people.  Soon after, he gave up his job as a Conservation Officer to work in radio full-time.  Since then he's been an integral part of the station and its constant expansion.
    Currently working in the position of station manager, "Babes" has put a lot of effort into making CFDM Radio an important and entertaining part of community life.  Lessons learned from former station manager, Ben Lachance, have served him well and he makes sure CFDM is committed to its primary vision.  No stranger to the airwaves, listeners enjoy his enjoyable views on the topics of the day and his hometown style.  His years of radio experience and business management have allowed him to build CFDM Radio into the thriving operation it is today.

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