CFDM RADIO: Past to Present

The Background of CFDM Radio:

    CFDM 105.7 FM Radio was originally a small project of the Flying Dust First Nation with the intention of openly communicating with people in the immediate area.  It was in the late 1980's that Flying Dust began to formulate its operations.  Using a tower and receiver from the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the reserve was able to begin broadcasting in 1997.  Programming at that time consisted of a one-hour spot every Monday to Friday with announcer Ben "The Golden Voice" Lachance.  By 1999 programming had grown to five hours every weekday.  Assisting in Ben's duties was Dwayne "Babes" Derocher.  Together they worked towards keeping the listeners up to date with local news.  Programming also included mandatory amounts of cultural content, new and classic music, and tons of local perspectives.  CFDM prided itself on the ability to promote cultural and traditional messages while also keeping people in the region informed of important local events.

CFDM Radio Today:

    CFDM made a name for itself throughout the last nine years.  The station always helped community organizations to promote their messages and also assisted with funding assistance.  CFDM Radio is a major sponsor of the Flying Dust Youth & Disabled Wish Foundation annual golf tournament.  That spirit existed when Ben Lachance ran the station and that legacy lives on.
    Ever since those humble beginnings, CFDM has been reinvesting in itself with recent upgra
des to equipment and an expanding budget.  CFDM Radio now operates a full-time broadcast day and has become a major communications springboard for the Flying Dust and Meadow Lake area.  Local businesses regularly advertise on CFDM Radio and the radio station has prospered because of that service.  CFDM has used its expansion to give back to the community in the form of generous sponsorship of community events.  Its contributions to events and organizations totals thousands of dollars each year.
    CFDM has employed a handful of different employees since the late 1990's.  Currently, there are three employees including founding member Dwayne Derocher.  Working within a "team" atmosphere the station is continually looking to expand operations further.  Plans are in the development stage for the station to increase its wattage to 10,000 sometime in 2006 or 2007.  CFDM Radio has grown from its foundations to become a local success story.  And its vision of greater communication with the region is as strong today as it has ever been.

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